The first concern we all have when we look in the mirror - the excess weight we may be carrying around.

But always when diving in deeper, it’s more than the weight itself - it’s how we feel.

Can you relate to any of these?

It takes a while for you to fall asleep at night and when you do nights are restless.

The nights you manage to sleep throughout you still feel you have no energy to get out of bed and carry on with your day.

Throughout your day, especially at work, focus is hard to find + everything seems foggy and unclear.

Right before meals you feel a bit more excited but after eating there’s fatigue + stomach bloating + pain and discomfort.

Small things stress you out even though you know they don’t need so much of your attention.

The moments you are doing things that you enjoy, you still feel discomfort within your body which doesn’t allow you complete enjoyment - from persistent headaches to seasonal allergies.

It gets more discouraging when you see test results that come back showing high markers of:

  • High cholesterol
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions
  • Heart disease

What if I tell you that...

All those health issues have one cause and can be solved by that same cause?


That's right, food! It all starts there.

How can I be so certain of it and how can “just” food be the starting cause and solution of it all?

My own health story - from sickness to feeling amazing - together with hundreds of clients that transformed their lives, is how I know FOOD is the cause and solution of our symptoms.

"Janine you rock and I could not have gotten this far without you. I FEEL GREAT. I am amazed at this and want to tell all of you how much better I feel physically and mentally. I wake up happy and greet the day with a smile, gratitude and virtually pain free. For those of you that are working closely with Janine continue to follow her suggestions and you will achieve your goals. I have hit my goal of 50 lbs. in weight loss.

I started out in a size 14 which I could barely fit into and I am proud to say I officially purchased a size 4. I no longer feel pain in my lower extremities and am completely 100% off of any over the counter pain relief medication - I was taking more than 8 tablets a day. I can proudly say my whole life has changed."

-- Diana Croteau

This is my story and how it all unfolded….

For years I struggled with health problems. I was your typical skinny-fat girl.

My gallbladder pain had become so bad, the medical doctors threatened to remove it.

I had decreased sex drive from the Prozac and was on hormone replacement therapy for my “happy-fix”.

My son was obese and pre-diabetic, on the verge on insulin. My daughter was suffering from stomach pains, migraines and undergoing CT scans and MRIs trying to find the root cause. And my husband was on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol (plus more medication for the side effects of the medication).

Back to my gallbladder - - I was days away from it being taken from me.

That’s when I decided to pay attention to what my body was saying.

I didn’t want my gallbladder removed (who wants that?) and listening to my body’s needs was crucial to keep it! I began to really notice what I was putting in my body and the signals my body was telling me, I realized the pain only came after I ate certain foods.

I started cutting those foods back but the pain never completely went away.

When researching whole food based diets, I was amazed by the testimonies; people were not only losing weight naturally, their lifestyle diseases were diminished or completely gone! By eating less processed food and more natural whole foods, people were truly turning their lives and their children's lives around! They were having more energy than ever before and coming off of medications that they had been on - - for years!

And the truly amazing thing - they weren’t counting calories!!

I was amazed and took seriously this newly discovered path.

The awakening was gradual but it all started with ME.

Once my eating habits changed and began to have an obvious, almost miraculous effect… my kids came on board and it was an “angels singing” moment when my husband came asking for help.

The result?

I was able to heal myself and my family in the process.

My gallbladder pain is gone, my son and daughter are now both vibrant, healthy and happy following + teaching this lifestyle to as many as they can, and my husband hasn’t had to take any medication for over five years and is free from all side effects.

Fast forward seven years and I am now a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and after coaching hundreds of clients. It never ceases to amaze me, of what the power of living a healthier lifestyle can do.

I became so passionate about my clients, their goals and their dreams, and I wanted to offer them more!

This journey is about so much more than food. Food IS what will propel you into a wholesome path for your health - as a Co-Active life coach, I utilize a very unique coaching approach that focuses on the whole person, heart, mind, body and spirit. This brings a higher achievement and deeper connection with my clients.
Allowing me to be a better guide my clients on being

Because at the end of the day all we want is to be HAPPY!

This path brought me back to life several years ago and remains my awakening to self-love, mindfulness, and dedication to my body and my health.

I am here to help you do exactly that.

I am here to help you transform your life.


Get started now!

I’m Janine Rotter, Your Holistic Nutrition Coach.

I'm here to help you succeed through holistic health.

I'm passionate about supporting you because I know (way too well!) the struggle of living without health.

Know that you’re not your body but rather the creator of your body.

You and only you have created your present body and health by using both conscious and unconscious thoughts.

You have the power to choose a better message, to choose better thoughts, and by doing so, receive an amazing outcome.

This has truly been the key to my success.

The Mindful Elimination - ME is the result of my story finding my happiness again.

In this course I navigate you through the steps to defining what your body truly needs and how to give you back the true health and happiness you desire.

During the 8 week of the course, we uncover the side effects of each food element + how to eliminate it + how to effectively observe your body’s reactions to the element, and then give you the option to reintroduce that food element back in, or not - depending on YOUR needs.

You will get over 20 recipes, worksheets and meditations to help you navigate through the journey that awaits you + access to my private Facebook Community.

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I am honored to share my journey with you and I look forward to teaching you these skills and putting you on the same path - to a healthier happier you.


ME - Mindful Elimination

In 8 weeks you will uncover side effects of food + how to eliminate + how to re-introduce them back in to your diet safely.

"I wanted to thank you for your Mindful Elimination course! I stuck with the program pretty strictly for the first 30 days and then started the reintroduction and found to my surprise that my sugar cravings were gone. I found that grapes and cherries are better and more rewarding and enjoyable than chocolate (I know, really?!)! Donuts (was a weekly event for me) – yuck!! I feel awful when I “cheat” and it just reaffirms my desire to make this a life change as opposed to a “diet”.
My blood work was PHENOMENAL! My weight is right where it should be! I’ve not increased exercise but my weight and body tone is far better, and I sleep better and I have more energy! Thank you soooo much!”

-- Monica Kopf

"When I started this two months ago my cholesterol was border line high for the bad – and low for the good – my blood pressure was getting high; and I was afraid that I would be put on medication to control it – I just went to my annual Drs. Appointment – I had my blood work done and everything was great! All in the normal range! None of the numbers were on the border! I have lost more than 30 pounds!! My Dr. was very impressed"

-- Lydia Baker